TestOBU.SIL0 is a unique solution that delivers a cost-effective ERTMS pre-testing solution which also ensures ERTMS line validation for the railway industry.
Developed through the partnership of two leading companies in the railway telecommunication and signalling monitoring markets, it uses Expandium’s EDOR Probes with ERTMS Solutions’ ERTMSFormalSpecs.

  • Cost-effective : Lowers the costs of ERTMS testing.
  • Powerful yet efficient tool : Enables more tests to be performed in less time.
  • One size fits all : A solution that can be installed on both commercial and maintenance/special-purpose trains.
  • Plug and play : Doesn’t require homologation.
  • Instant diagnostics : Detect the root cause of test errors both trackside and trainside.

More effective than SIL4 EVC solutions

Compared to SIL4 EVC solutions, TestOBU.SIL0 is a lot easier to operate, more cost-effective and fully open-source. It has been designed to be used entirely unattended, thereby enabling its users to do significantly more tests in less time.

ERTMSFormalSpecs by ERTMS Solutions

ERTMSFormalSpecs is a software tool specifically
designed by ERTMS Solutions to formally model ERTMS requirements, both for trainborne and
trackside systems. It enables its users to test their EVC/RBC, test and validate any Subset-026 changes and even perform early-stage development and validation of operational test cases.

Powered by Expandium’s EDOR Probe

A solution derived from the Unattended Probes used in our QATS Drive Test solution, this on-board GSM-R system provides rich diagnostic information for ERTMS Solutions’ ERTMSFormalSpecs. The probe can be remotely operated and doesn’t require maintenance.

Additional information about TestOBU.Sil0 can be requested: