QATS Fusion is the smart data mining solution that unifies and queries a railway operator’s data through a single interface. Once set and connected to any data source, including other QATS products, users are able to create their own custom KPIs, get real-time stream-processing, carry out predictive maintenance using machine learning by monitoring KPIs diverging from their benchmarks, and much more.

  • All-in-one : Combine, visualize and run custom queries on your metrics, all in one place.
  • Big data engine : QATS Fusion handles multiple sources of data regardless of its amount.
  • Dashboards : Customizable and dynamic web-based layouts with various metrics, including maps, tables, charts and graphs.
  • Variety : Sensors, weather metrics, OSS counters, billing tickets, IoT streaming and any other input.
  • Volume : Practically unlimited volumes thanks to Expandium’s processing power. No data row limitations.
  • Velocity : Real-time data ingestion.

Self-service business intelligence

When the right aggregated indicator is set, QATS Fusion can easily detect issues, such as equipment malfunctions, for example by analysing the slow drift of average transaction duration for a specific module. QATS Fusion has been developed to provide an intuitive platform allowing its users to easily mine and create meaningful information from all the available data on their network. Use cases are practically unlimited.

Alerts and predictive maintenance

Setting up alerts for KPIs is very easy in QATS Fusion. It uses the same QATS alert management tool as is used in other Expandium products, enabling any measurement spikes or slow drifts to be detected.
By analysing the history of failures, it is able to make recommendations for predictive maintenance.

QATS Fusion includes many ground-breaking features which are constantly improved based on user feedback :

  • Create and edit your own dashboard (e.g. NOC dashboard)
  • Detect low-performing services and equipment
  • Monitor critical QoS services (ETCS, RECs, etc.)
  • Import any data from third-party solutions