QATS Drive Test is a new generation of railway drive-test and scanner solution combining measurements collected from both the trackside and the trainside. Using Expandium’s Unattended Probes, Railway Operators are able to automatically and remotely generate specific telecom traffic and view KPIs in QATS Drive Test.

  • Performance and quality assessment : The perfect tool to use during the design, rollout and certification of a GSM-R and/or ETCS network.
  • Standards : Eirene SRS, Eirene FRS, Subset-093 CS-PS, O-2475, O-2875
  • Tracing and scanner measurements : Multiple call tracing, including a GPRS QoS view
  • Unattended Probes : Autonomous, remotely manageable probes able to generate user-determined scenarios/traffic.
  • Combine metrics : Downlink onboard data with uplink Abis for example.
  • Compare data : Compare scanner data with connected call measurements.
  • Import data : Easy manual import of one or multiple third-party drive test files to QATS Drive Test, or import files automatically.

Expandium Unattended Probes

The Expandium Unattended Probe is a probe fitted directly onto maintenance or commercial trains that uploads data automatically to the operator’s telecom engineers. It has a built-in scenario management system that allows engineers to plan for different types of traffic: specific call types, call properties and any Subset-093 parameters that need to be tested, as well as many other metrics that are provided to the end user remotely.

Assessment of network QoS and SLA compliance

QATS Drive Test can list all the areas where the train operator’s coverage is below the EIRENE SRS SLA, for example. By processing scanner measurement records, it automatically detects areas where the coverage probability is in compliance with or below a given threshold (e.g. 95% for EREINE SLA), and detects areas subject to interference, such as IM3 interference.

A flexible and accurate solution

QATS Drive Test is a flexible solution that can be used either alongside Expandium’s attended/unattended solutions or with third-party solutions, as many files can be easily imported. Compared to traditional drive test tools, QATS Drive Test displays current and highly accurate metrics while also being cost-effective, since no planning or physical attendance is required to collect the data when this solution is combined with our Unattended Probes.

QATS Drive Test includes many features which are constantly improved based on user feedback. Main features include:

  • All types of GSM-R/GPRS, Subset-093 metrics
  • Scanner features: Eirene coverage, interference such as IM3 and more
  • Multiple tracing-specific features
  • A comprehensive import menu to add metrics from third-party drive-test providers

Monitored Protocols

As technology is constantly evolving, it’s possible that Expandium might already cover other protocols not mentioned here. Subscribe to our newsletter to learn about our latest updates. Expandium is vendor-independent and uses non-intrusive passive probes (eProbes) coupled with high performance servers, allowing 24/7 real-time monitoring over ethernet, E1 or STM-1, with both copper and optical support, and all monitored by the Expand Management System (EMS) platform.

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