QATS Cybersecurity

QATS Cybersecurity is the go-to railway cyber threat solution, developed as part of the QATS product-line, and ideal to prevent and manage OT cyber-attacks on railway telecommunication and signalling domains: FRMCS, GSM-R, GPRS and ETCS.

  • Become compliant: Reach IEC 62443 and TS 50701 requirements.
  • Safeguard: Recognize any information changes on all communication
  • Comprehensive solution: From asset discovery to forensics through detailed analysis.
  • Users: SOC, NOC, Maintenance and Security Teams
  • Integration: Can be set as a standalone security solution or integrated with third party SIEM or SOAR.
  • Transparent : Easy to deploy, maintain. Non-intrusive and fully passive.

Reaching IEC 62443 & TS 50701

Telecom, Signalling and SoC personnel benefit from QATS Cybersecurity by being able to monitor access from untrusted networks, audit records created by equipment, and safeguard the integrity of information transmitted through the network.

In addition, it can track unsuccessful login attempts, unauthorized wireless devices and any tampering of information on any type of communication.

Passive Implementation

Our cybersecurity solution is designed to cover your entire railway network effectively with no interferences.

The solution is completely unobtrusive, using just passive physical probes or agents, and works smoothly and with minimum latency across your existing bandwidth or out-of-band.


Seemless integration with other QATS Products

QATS Cybersecurity fits snuggly with other QATS product such as QATS Railway, QATS Signalling or QATS Drive Test. By including or integrating this solutions in the overall QATS architecture, you can benefit from this cost-effective solution by reusing most the same hardware and software components. QATS Cybersecurity can also be used as a standalone solution and run independently.

By using the Northbound Interface (NBI) to export data to third-party SIEM and SOAR software. Our format is supported with all major providers such as Splunk, QRadar, Elastic and Rapid7 just to name a few.