Expandium offers for Railway market

Either used for daily operations or during a network deployment to ensure compliancy to various
standards, Expandium offers the following products aimed to answer to network
Engineers, field Technicians, Managers and analysts ing the need of the
Network Operations Center’s.

Telecommunication : GSM Railway (GSM-R)

Monitor the quality-of-service of your network and ensure its safety.


Signalling : European Train Control System (ETCS)

By combining both GSM-R and ETCS, Expandium is monitoring all aspects of ERTMS, the
European Rail Traffic Management System, for various purposes
such as train-delay investigation

Future-ready : FRMCS / LTE-R

Expandium is already developing solutions to ensure digitalization and the transition to
the Future Railway Mobile Communication System as well as LTE-R.


QATS Railway

Real-time passive probing solution for GSM-R & ETCS networks for day-to-day
operations and/or
network deployments…

QATS Signalling

ETCS monitoring with multiple call-tracing capabilities designed to investigate
signalling and train-delay issues…

QATS Drive test

Complete Drive-testing solution that can be either attended or managed remotely with
Unattended Probes…


QATS Fusion

Unifiles all yous data sources to offer in a single place, a dashbord featuring custom-KPIs with alarming capability…


A pre-testing solution powered by ERTMS Solutions’ and Expandium’s EDOR probes to
ensure Onboard Unit Safety Integrity…

REC Alert

A simple and reliable standalone Railway Emergency Call monitoring tool…

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