Previously known as ExceedSLA, VisionSLA is a product entirely dedicated to subscriber experience management. It includes a monitoring tool to ensure service level agreements (SLAs) are complied with and performance targets are achieved. It also monitors whether or not mobile network operators are providing their highest value customers (VIPs, fleets) with the best quality of experience possible.

  • Fleet Management: Manage IMSI groups
  • SLA reporting : Ensure the compliancy of your service level agreements
  • Customer Experience Management : QoS/QoE of your premium subscribers

CEM and service quality details

VisionSLA offers multiple counts for individual active subscribers, with particular focus on services with a service experience index (SEI). Users can either view the metrics per subscriber group or drill down to a specific subscriber if necessary.

Fleet management

VisionSLA offers a fleet management feature that focuses solely on groups of subscribers, usually high value and/or corporate accounts. VisionSLA measures quality of service and quality of experience from groups right down to the individual subscriber if necessary.

List of impacted subscribers

Sometimes, underachieving KPIs may be caused by a single subscriber generating a lot of failures. From the moment an issue’s detected, it is critical to evaluate how that issue is impacting other subscribers, especially if it is affecting the quality of experience offered. VisionROAM allows users to easily display an Impacted IMSIs list showing subscribers affected by specific KPI measurements.

VisionSLA includes many features which are constantly improved based on user feedback following the Agile Manifesto. Main features include:

  • CEI: Customer experience index measurements providing an aggregated QoE measurement for monitoring
  • Manage subscriber groups by their IMSIs
  • Detailed service usage: Voice/SMS/USSD and more specific features




Expandium is a vendor-independent company that uses its own Big Data platform comprised of non-intrusive passive probes (eProbes) and high-performance servers enabling real-time 24/7 monitoring. The platform is monitored by the Expand Management System (EMS) platform and the product, VisionSLA, like other Expandium product for Mobile Network Operators has been developed to work flawlessly on 2G, 3G, LTE, VoLTE, VoIP and VoWifi networks.

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