SecureQOS is a straightforward solution designed to troubleshoot any issues mobile network operators (MNO) might encounter, whether detected through the product itself or brought to light by customer support.

  • End-to-end SQM investigation tool : Handles issues and customer complaints efficiently
  • Call tracing : Real-time and historical end-to-end call tracing with many KPIs, including protocol decoding
  • Various features & KPIs : History, distributions, failure types and causes, advanced filters, drill-downs/roll-ups and more.

Data records

Each subscriber transaction (e.g. a voice call, location update, SMS, PDP context activation) is recorded as an xDR (an extension of the CDR, or call detail record) in the SecureQOS database. These xDRs contain all the information required to allow all the aggregations, analyses and tracing features delivered to the user via various metrics.

Troubleshooting the root cause

SecureQOS is a solution designed to troubleshoot any mobile network-related issues. It provides detailed subscriber activity data, with numerous ways to drill down to any information, from KPIs to xDRs, and from xDRs to the protocol decoding of any messages, for example. Almost all features allow you to view distribution and activity history, as well as enabling easy drill-downs and roll-ups.

Dynamic call tracing features

SecureQOS provides a cutting-edge end-to-end call tracing experience. Dynamic, fast and accurate, it contains many convenient features, such as a full binary packet widget, customizable elements, the ability to switch from a flow to a table view or from PDU to chunk view and many more features. What’s more, data generated by SecureQOS can still be easily shared on a standalone file, making it convenient for cooperation between your technical teams.

SecureQOS includes many features which are constantly improved based on user feedback following the Agile Manifesto.
Main features include :

  • Detection, identification and diagnosis of QoS issues relating to spots, services, release causes, equipment, mobile types, etc.
  • Analysis and troubleshooting of voice and data services
  • Analysis of subscriber and roamer (inbound and outbound) behaviour



Expandium is vendor-independent and uses non-intrusive passive probes (eProbes) coupled with high performance servers, allowing 24/7 real-time monitoring over ethernet, E1 or STM-1, with both copper and optical support, and all monitored by the Expand Management System (EMS) platform.

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