Saint Herblain, France – 02/07/2019

Expandium, leading provider of network monitoring solutions, announced today the acquisition of Vedicis, a French company specialized in Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) solutions for fixed, mobile, IoT and Wi-Fi Communication Service Providers.

Vedicis technology leverages ten years of product development and field experience, combined with the flexibility of new virtualization standards. It has already been integrated and deployed by Expandium to enrich its monitoring and marketing intelligence portfolio with key software functions such as IP Data probe, Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and smart filtering capabilities.

The strategic complementary acquisition of Vedicis is the logical outcome of this collaborative partnership which leads to the most efficient solution available in the market for real-time data traffic processing. Both product lines are software-based from the ground, and this new combined offer keeps the promise of network profitability, providing operators with a cost-effective way to manage and monitor their data traffic in virtualized environments or on generic servers. This move will allow Expandium to continue its growth in the ever-competitive mobile telecommunication market by leveraging continuous disruptive innovation in data collection, processing and analysis, tackling new challenges such as network automation, network virtualization and migration to 5G.

It also enables Expandium to significantly extend its portfolio, with network components such as PDN Gateway, Wireless Access Gateway and DPI-PCEF which have proven their reliability and wide-ranging abilities for years.

A definitive acquisition agreement was signed today between Expandium and Vedicis, for an undisclosed amount.

Pierre Cassier, Expandium CEO, commented: “During more than two years of close collaboration with Vedicis, we have built a high-performance platform in which the DPI probe holds a strategic place. In a desire to master our product positioning, architecture and road map, we have decided to acquire Vedicis company. The experience and skills of Vedicis teams will allow us to consolidate our leadership in customer service quality management for fixed and mobile operators. We will continue to benefit from the great experience of Theodore, Vedicis CEO

We are very pleased to join Expandium, as the combined portfolio leverages Vedicis developments in packet management and enables to address new opportunities for 5G, network virtualization and network intelligence use cases. We have been sharing with Expandium the same values and strategy for product design optimization and software-based business models, which is a key to succeed together and to unleash the benefits of Internet traffic growth.” added Theodore Martin, Vedicis CEO.

About Expandium

Expandium is an innovative and leading provider of network monitoring solutions that uses the latest big data technologies.

Since its establishment in 2005, our company has provided public and railway operators with the latest generation of tools to build network intelligence, ranging from troubleshooting to optimization through CEM and SQM.

Expandium solutions monitor all interfaces currently in operations, including R4 architectures and the railway MR2 release. These include 2G, 3G, LTE, VoLTE and VoIP for MNOs as well as GSM-R, GPRS, FRMCS, ETCS and Interlocking for Railway Operators. Visit for more information.

About Vedicis

Vedicis provides advanced IP broadband packet management software platforms to fixed and mobile Communication Service Providers. With Vedicis PGW, DPI-PCEF and Wireless Access Gateway solutions, CSPs take informed actions for better traffic connectivity, control and monetization.

Vedicis’ leading cloud ready platform uniquely enables to migrate networks to virtualization and to reap the benefits of more flexibility, faster integration and better ROI. Visit for more information.

Saint-Herblain, France

Expandium will be attending the International Trade Fair for Transport Technology (InnoTrans) in Berlin between the 18-21 September 2018.

InnoTrans is a leading international trade fair for transport technology in Berlin held every two years. The Expandium team will be among the visitors and exhibitors to study this year’s hot topics as well as to present and demo its innovative products and services for people interested. More details about InnoTrans can be found at

Grab this opportunity to meet us there and/or schedule a meeting by sending us an inquiry at sales[@]

2018-02-13, Orvault-France

Expandium announces today that it has appointed Ampercom as the sole distributor of its products in Italy. Ampercom will help promote Expandium’s expertise by distributing its products aimed at railway and mobile network operators.

Expandium and Ampercom will both be exhibiting at the 1st UIC Global Conference on Signalling 2018, the 26-28 March 2018, in Milan, Italy. Grab this opportunity to meet us at booth #21-22 during the event.

Giulio Patané, Administror at Ampercom, said : “Ampercom is continuing its expansion project and signed an important new agreement with Expandium, which will allow it to direct its offer to new customers in the railway sector and integrate its offering in big data analysis solutions for telecommunications operators!

We are very happy to start developing our footprint through a key technical player on the mobile telecom sector in Italy and we are looking forward to get very good results for the benefits of local Mobile Operators.” added Pierre Cassier, Expandium’s CEO.

About Ampercom
Ampercom trade products, solutions and services technologically innovative in order to meet the needs of various types of companies, from ICT to Energy Sector, and also to other types of business realities. We began our activities in Italian market from January 2000 and we select for our Customers the excellence from primary national and international suppliers, while also providing a support and consultancy service timely and tailored.
About Expandium
Expandium is an innovative and leading provider of network monitoring solutions that uses the latest big data technologies. Since its establishment in 2005, our company has provided public and railway operators with the latest generation of tools to build network intelligence, ranging from troubleshooting to optimization through CEM and SQM. Our solutions monitor all interfaces currently in operations. These includes 2G, 3G, LTE, VoLTE and VoIP for MNOs as well as GSM-R, ETCS and FRMCS for Railway Operators.

Expandium will be attending the 3rd Symposium Test4Rail the 17-18 October 2017 in Brunswick – Germany.

The objective of the symposium is to identify new approaches for the optimization of tests of safety-critical, software-based railway systems. The complexity of such systems in the railway sector as well as specific requirements related to safety and availability require an enormous effort for test and commissioning today.

How do those methods improve testing by reducing the effort or increasing the error detection rate? How do they need to be adapted to be used optimally in the railway sector?

Further information can be found at:

Orvault, France – 31/08/2017

Expandium will be attending TRAKO Fair 2017, the 26-29 September 2017 in Gdańk, Poland. Members of our team will be sharing a booth with our local distributor Rail-Mil as well as our partners at ERTMS Solutions.

TRAKO is the largest and most prestigious rail industry meeting in Poland and one of the largest in Central and Eastern Europe. This 12th edition of the fair will focus on a presentation of the state of the art in transport systems and railway infrastructure in Poland, Europe and around the world.

Expandium will be showcasing the latest versions of its QATS lineup: QATS Drive-Test, QATS Railway and QATS Signalling.

Our team will also make the following presentations during the course of the event:

Grab this opportunity to discover Expandium’s product portfolio and schedule an appointment by sending a request at sales[@] or meet us directly at the event at the booth 27 in the hall F.

Orvault – France,

Expandium is proud to report that a dedicated team was on duty all weekend to ensure the smoothness of the new high-speed lines openings by French railway operator SNCF.

More than 500 km of new high speed line were officially opened on July 1, when SNCF operated special trains on LGV Sud Europe Atlantique and LGV Bretagne – Pays de la Loire, ahead of the start of commercial services the following day.” Click here to read more about these new HSLs on Railway Gazette.

About Expandium

Expandium is an innovative and leading provider of network monitoring solutions that uses the latest big data technologies. Since its establishment in 2005, our company has provided public and railway operators with the latest generation of tools to build network intelligence, ranging from troubleshooting to optimization. Our solutions monitors all interfaces currently in operations, including R4 architectures. These includes 2G, 3G, LTE, VoLTE and VoIP for MNOs as well as GMS-R & ETCS for Railway Operators.

Warsaw, Poland – 2017-06-22

Expandium, a leading provider of railway telecommunication and signalling monitoring solution, announces the latest releases of QATS, its flagship product lineup, at the Expandium User Group 2017 in Warsaw-Poland.

New versions of QATS Railway, QATS Signalling and QATS Drive Test are now available.

The whole QATS product lineup now includes:

QATS Railway 4.2 is a quality monitoring and troubleshooting solution built around the latest and upcoming industry ERTMS standards, including GSM-Railway (GSM-R),European Train Control System (ETCS). QATS Railway includes real-time KPIs, subscriber activity, radio statistics, many call tracing and protocol decoding features.

QATS Signalling 2.2 is a solution entirely dedicated for European Train Control System (ETCS) and Interlocking (IXL) monitoring. It has been developed closely with Signalling Engineers and Operators in order to answer specifically to their needs such as Movement Authority Analysis, Train Delay Investigation and more. QATS Signalling shares the same architecture as QATS Railway and can operate efficiently without any additional hardware.

QATS DriveTest 1.3 collects data from Expandium’s Unattended Probes or third-party drive test manufacturers. QATS Drive Test provide metrics such Voice Call Quality, GSM-R or GPRS Subset-093 measurements, Data Transmission Quality, Radio RxQual & RxLev, Eirene SLAs and more KPIs and KQIs.

Today, we unveiled the latest versions of our products in front of its users. We brought many new features requested by some of the same people last year and we are overwhelmed by the positive reception here. As always, we will continue to listen to our users’ feedbacks and continue to shape products that fits their needs.” said Pascal Bertrand, Product Manager at Expandium.

The 12th edition of the annual Expandium’s QATS Railway User Group is currently being held in Warsaw – Poland, at the Radisson Blu Centrum Hotel. The purpose of the User Group is to bring together the QATS user community on an annual basis to showcase the latest features and software developments. The event marks a moment where the Expandium Team shares knowledge, techniques and ideas with its end-users. More importantly, the team dedicates the event for live-customer feedback, suggestions, to current and past experiences as well as upcoming challenges.

Contact us if you are interested to learn more about these latest releases.

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Orvault, France

Expandium will be attending the 2017 Smart Rail Europe Congress & Expo event in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The event will take place the 5-6 April 2017 at Passenger Terminal Amsterdam.

Expandium will be available onsite to present and showcase Expandium’s QATS suite, our leading railway communication monitoring and troubleshooting solutions for telecommunication and signalling purposes.

Grab these opportunities to discover Expandium’s product portfolio and schedule an appointment by sending a request at sales[@] or meet us directly at the event.

Orvault, France – 27/03/2017

Expandium will attend the 11th edition of RailTech Europe. The event will take place on 28-30 March 2017 in Utrecht, the Netherlands, and the whole railway industry will come together at this event. RailTech Europe 2017 offers a large exhibition, three day high-level international conference programme, a large workshop programme, career matchmaking between exhibitors and visitors, Startup Fest, live (on-track) infrastructure demonstrations, train maintenance and rolling stock, exclusive technical visits and many other new features.

Expandium will be available to present its latest solutions and developments in railway telecommunication solutions. Grab this opportunity to meet us there and schedule a meeting with us for a personalized demonstration by sending us an email at sales[@]

Is Big Data only a marketing hype?

Big Data is often used as a trending buzz word for marketing purposes. However, the Big Data struggle for mobile network operators is very real. Operators are sitting on petabytes of data not knowing how to handle or monetize all the information available in their network. When building a Big Data solution, important marketing questions are raised in order to build an effective and efficient solution:


So what is Big Data?

Big Data refers to the large set of technologies encountered when dealing with very large volumes of data. The technologies employed to tackle Big Data are obviously databases but it is also the capacity to extract and process large (but not always) volumes of data, correlating data coming from heterogeneous sources, making predictive analysis, the capability to move data from one place to another, building meaningful analytics while providing results to users in a usable way.


Is it hard to implement?

Already complicated to implement, it becomes even more tricky when constraints such as an open, real-time and low-cost solution are necessary for an Operator. An open big data architecture is a critical choice as it assures the operators with a future-proof and cost-effective platform in case of evolution, upgrades or swap.

Dealing with the Big Data paradigm requires solution providers to manage numerous technologies. But it also requires marketers to have the skills to understand the customers’ needs as there is no single solution fitting all needs. Use cases are a meaningful way to try to describe some of the customers’ needs in a more precise way.


Why Big Data for Network Data Mining?

To see the big picture. Operators’ are today equipped with multiple solutions from multiple providers, using multiple databases and technologies. The next big thing in the operator’s monitoring solutions is to make sense of all the data available by correlating multiple sources on a big scale to provide unequaled insights enabling the operators to enhance their network and to make better strategic decisions.

When considering the classical 3 Vs –Volume, Variety and Velocity– of Big Data in a network data mining perspective, it means processing billions of transactions generated by the network elements and subscribers per day.

This data comes from very different sources: network elements, probes from different vendors, CRM databases from the Customer Care department and more. An efficient network data mining solution must be able to correlate rapidly these different sources and provide results in real-time as subscribers wants their technical issues to be solved as fast as possible.

Big Data technologies go further by providing tools and techniques and processing that were before unthinkable and now possible. Below are examples showing how Big Data solution can offer new techniques to detect suspicious network events or behaviors.


Example of a complex analysis

Spam is becoming more and more intrusive and operators want to protect their customers from unexpected SMS or calls. One new scenario is called indirect ping call and refers to cases where a spammer send an SMS to a subscriber containing a message mentioning a number to be recalled. This number is often a heavily-taxed number. Detecting automatically this scenario is impossible using standard SQL queries as it involves a sequence of transactions. It is also mandatory to quickly track the change of spammers’ strategy so that it must be implemented in a way that rules are easily changed according to evolutions. That is a case where Big Data based analysis allows new detection and analysis that are not possible with standard solutions.


Example of an unpredictable event

Expandium has once seen an SCTP packet, a signaling data unit exchanged between 2 equipment, doing a ping-pong between 2 SS7 STPs as the routing tables in one of the equipment was misconfigured. This “issue” generated 5,000 messages per seconds. This may sound low considering a network dealing millions of such packet per seconds, but imagine if hundreds of such packet occurred. That raised immediately a big alarm for people in charge of the network security. Are your monitoring systems able to detect these kind of issues? If you are not aware that such incidents can happen, there is a big chance that you cannot detect it. On the other hand, if you know it can exist, it is very easy to implement a KPI that will detect the next time it happens.

The tricky part is to be able to detect an incident without knowing that such an incident even exists. And technologies moving around big data enables this, taking advantage of quantities of metrics available and running predictive analysis on those.