We provide Business Intelligence & Analytics solutions for your network

Expandium, a VIAVI Solutions company, is an innovative and leading provider of network monitoring solutions that uses the latest big data technologies.

Since its establishment in 2005, our company has provided public and railway operators with the latest generation of tools to build network intelligence, ranging from troubleshooting to optimization through CEM and SQM.

Expandium solutions monitor all interfaces currently in operation, including R4 architectures and the railway MR2 release. These include 2G, 3G, LTE, VoLTE and VoIP for MNOs as well as GSM-R, GPRS, FRMCS, ETCS and Interlocking for Railway Operators.


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Our milestones

  • Expandium now part of VIAVI

    VIAVI Solutions Inc., a global provider of network test, monitoring and assurance solutions for communications service providers, enterprises, network equipment manufacturers, government and avionics, acquires Expandium for its innovative technologies and complementary offer of its solutions into VIAVI’s portfolio.

  • Expandium acquires Vedicis

    A strategic acquisition of this collaborative partnership which leads to the most efficient solution available in the market for real-time data traffic processing

  • Overhaul of our MNO portfolio

    New products are launched. New distribution network. First tier-one operator in Africa to use our MNO solutions.

  • First footprint in Africa

    First footprint in Africa by providing a solution to the first HSL operator. Big investments in MNO R&D. Eulynx project in Germany. Interlocking processing and On-board JRU ETCS Level 1 & 2 management.

  • Big Data technologies

    Expandium implements and uses Big Data technologies such as stream-processing, machine learning and predictive maintenance.

  • New clients and MNO-specific products

    8 new clients in 2015 for the railway market. Launch of MonitorQOS

  • Launch of Expandium’s Unattended Probe

    Launch of Expandium’s first hardware and software solutions for the railway drive-test and signalling market.Revenue hits a 20% increase.

  • Complete range of GSM-R products

    Complete range of GSM-R interference (IM3) products, and redesign of Expandium’s solution based on big data and future proof technologies.

  • First GSM-R Service Contract

    First service contract for GSM-R network acceptance signed in France and establishement of an Expandium Services entity.

  • Leading the railway monitoring market

    Expandium holds 80% of the railway telecommunication monitoring market in Europe and starts expanding its MNO offer.

  • Monitoring of a R4 network

    First R4 network architecture monitored and full support of radio interfaces in GSM-R solutions. A new office is opened in Paris.

  • Delivery of QATS 3G to a tier-one mobile operator

    Delivery of a first fully-fledged solution to a European tier-one mobile operator (MNO).

  • Launch of a congestion-detection solution

    Launch of a nationwide congestion-detection solution for TomTom. 5 new clients added to our railway network monitoring market.

  • Testing of UMTS

    Testing of UMTS products and growth of Expandium’s sales division.

  • Launch of QATS GSM-R

    Launch of our first GSM-R decoding solution along a set of GPRS tools.

  • Expandium is founded

    Expandium launches its first real-time protocol decoding solution “RoamRunner”.