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Meet us at AfricaCom 2018!

Expandium will be attending and exhibiting at AfricaCom 2018, the 13-15 November 2018, in..

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Expandium alongside with Prow at GITEX 2018

Expandium will be at GITEX Technology Week 2018, the 14-18 October 2018 in Dubai UAE with its partner Prow.

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Meet Expandium at Innotrans 2018

Meet our team at the event the 18-21 September 2018 in Berlin...

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Railway Operators

GSM-R & ETCS Monitoring


One of the ERTMS/GSM-R networks key objectives is Interoperability. This interoperability is requested when a train is passing over the border from one country to another one or when a train is crossing multiple equipment manufacturers combination involving Radio access network, Onboard or Track equipment.

QATS Railway monitoring tool provides features to ensure your inbound and outbound roaming quality of service and a full set of features to analyze track or train behavior.


According to the ERA Railway Safety Performance Report 2011, the year 2009 was the safest year on the EU’s railways for both passengers and rail staff since 2006. Railways remain one of the safest modes of transport in the European Union (EU).

To help railway operators to maintain this leading position, QATS Railway provides multiple features to monitor GSM-R and ERTMS safety such as Railway Emergency Call (REC) or Train Emergency stop monitoring 24/7. In case of trouble, alarms or reports can be generated. Onboard-track ERTMS signalling data transfer are permanently under-monitoring to detect anomalies.

By using large hard disk capacity, Expandium system is able to record for a long period all events that occur all over the ERTMS network. In case of incident, data can be replayed in order to understand circumstances and improve procedures not to reproduce incident.

Customer Care

QATS Railway is Customer care oriented to retrieve all data that belongs to any user. By using large hard disk capacity, Expandium system is able to record for a long period all events that occur all over the ERTMS/GSM-R network. User interface offers many solutions to filter any user, train, equipment transaction.


QATS Railway is a complete tool enabling end-to-end QOS monitoring in real-time for GSM-R/ETCS networks. It includes overall KPI to check Network, Service Quality for management people, detailed CDR on each specific user calls as well as protocol decoder for expert. Advanced drill down functionality makes user interface very friendly to commute.

QATS Railway enables especially:

  • Automatic alerting if specific events happen, especially Railway Emergency Call, or if QOS falls below acceptable threshold. These events, QOS indicators and thresholds are customizable by the operator.
  • Detection, identification and diagnosis of QOS black sheeps whatever they are: spots, services, release causes, equipment, mobile power class, mobile types, etc.
  • Analysis and troubleshooting of GSM-R and ETCS services
  • Advanced drill down functionality that makes user interface very friendly to commute from KPI to CDR and protocol view
  • Analysis of GSM-R and ETCS users behaviour
  • Quantification of the impact on GSM-R and ETCS QOS of network changes like parameters tuning or addition of new sites
  • Automatic and recurrent report generation, including email notification. Operator can use QATS Railway native reports or create its own.