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Meet us at AfricaCom 2018!

Expandium will be attending and exhibiting at AfricaCom 2018, the 13-15 November 2018, in..

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Expandium alongside with Prow at GITEX 2018

Expandium will be at GITEX Technology Week 2018, the 14-18 October 2018 in Dubai UAE with its partner Prow.

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Meet Expandium at Innotrans 2018

Meet our team at the event the 18-21 September 2018 in Berlin...

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Mobile Network Operators

Big Data Platform

Data has become essential for all businesses and is today’s wealth. While handling large volume of data is challenging, continuous innovation enables new solutions to gather, analyze, predict and give sense to available data, providing operators with numerous opportunities to create value.

Taking advantage of Big Data technologies, Expandium developed a network data mining plateform that can be used in various use cases such as improving network performance, deepening subscriber knowledge, detecting malicious behaviours and much more depending on operators’ needs.

With rich data such as the subscriber's names, addresses, handsets, service usage on voice, SMS, data domains and much more, mobile operators owns the pipes that carry all information subscribers generated enabling them, with the right tools, to obtain various valuable analytics.

Operators can identify subscriber profiles, equipment and service usage, locations, time, movements, evolution. This can be done in real-time to stick to current behaviors. With the massive amount of data to process, doing so requires infrastructures that:

  • Is built on a flexible, scalable platform that can suits to various needs
  • Requires lowest OPEX
  • Do not impact the quality of service
  • Processes in real-time 24/7 with high stability constraints
  • Enables fast new service deployment
  • Ensures customer privacy when needed
  • Ensures security against hackers
  • Vendor and technology independant


Expandium uses Big Data technologies embedding advanced techniques such as machine learning, stream processing, pattern detection and more. The open Expand Platform is vendor independant and can connect to heterogeneous data sources, correlate and detect correlation to offer insights and analytics for numerous use cases from monitoring to fraud detection through troubleshooting and more. This platform is already being used by an European tier-one mobile network operator for the last 2 years.