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Meet Expandium at Innotrans 2018

Meet our team at the event the 18-21 September 2018 in Berlin...

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A glimpse of the World Cup Finale...

...from a French Mobile Network Operator's Perspective...

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Naming changes - MNO-product portfolio

Expandium announces naming changes into its MNO-product portfolio nomenclature...

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Railway Operators

QATS Drive Test

QATS Drive Test, with Expandium's Unattended Probes, collects data from its onboard call-generating probes and its landside servers. The fully autonomous probes are conceived to generate calls in order simulate drive-tests-like scenarios. The solution is therefore able to provide to the user various meaningful metrics on the quality of their networks.


Main Purpose

Operators are able to measure efficiently the quality of their network at a fraction of the cost of traditional Drive Test solutions. Expandium's Unattended Probes generates calls within moving trains. Users, from the landside, can measure in real-time the quality of the calls and benchmark them to reference specifications.

The solution of QATS Drive Test with its Unattended Probes enables its users to check the conformity of its network by providing KPIs aimed at GSM-R network acceptance for ETCS, and to comply to Eirene Service Level Agreements.


Technical Specifications

For more information about the solution, you can request the solution's brochure. It should provide you with more technical specifications. For specific questions, do not hesitate to contact us.