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Meet us at AfricaCom 2018!

Expandium will be attending and exhibiting at AfricaCom 2018, the 13-15 November 2018, in..

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Expandium alongside with Prow at GITEX 2018

Expandium will be at GITEX Technology Week 2018, the 14-18 October 2018 in Dubai UAE with its partner Prow.

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Meet Expandium at Innotrans 2018

Meet our team at the event the 18-21 September 2018 in Berlin...

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Railway Operators

Because safety is a vital concern for all players in the rail industry, Expandium has designed QATS Railway, a highly efficient troubleshooting solution enabling technical staff to detect network malfunctions early and correct them.

With QATS Railway, Expandium’s experts have met the challenge to display and monitor the performance of a Railway Emergency Call facility in real time (list of participants, quality of service provided, etc.).

Using high capacity and non-intrusive probes, QATS Railway measures the quality of service in real-time. The probes capture all messages, which are sorted and analysed, with the data immediately made available to the user (call counts, dropped calls, analysis of malfunctions, etc.). Whenever a failure is detected, QATS Railway triggers a highly effective system of alarms.

Downstream, a user-friendly graphical interface is provided for technical staff who, starting from an overview of network quality (charts, maps, diagrams, etc.), are able to single out individual railway lines and narrow down their selection, going as far as a breakdown of each event for a specific call. The data are saved for subsequent analysis.

Why invest in a rail network monitoring and analysis tool ?

To improve safety and detect incidents early. During the network rollout phase, QATS Railway can be used to control and validate the quality of GSM-R coverage, the correct routing of calls (Railway Emergency Calls, calls to the operating center), interoperability between equipment supplied by different providers and interoperability with cross-border networks.
During the operations phase, QATS Railway gives the rail operator the assurance that its network is being monitored continuously and that all signalling passing through its equipment is exhaustively recorded.

Why choose Expandium ?

Expandium integrated the specific nature of the railway context at a very early stage and put forward a GSM-R and ETCS-dedicated solution designed to meet rail operators’ requirements. The company has no ties with any particular original equipment manufacturer and its independence ensures that Quality of Service is measured objectively.

With the QATS Railway solution, Expandium is the only partner to meet all GSM-R and ETCS operator requirements, since it extends its capabilities to LDA, VGCS (incl. Railway emergency call) and to ETCS transfers, etc. Its high-performance services are adapted to meet each customer’s specific requirements.

Caring for its customers

Expandium’s experts all have a background in IT and telecoms, and specialise in designing “new generation” protocol analysis tools for mobile phone operators. Expandium continues to be small enough to maintain very close working relationships with its customers and ensure flexibility, adaptability and responsiveness.
Twice a year, customers (SNCF/RFF, SNCB, DB, ADIF/NSN…) providers (NSN, Nortel…) and partners (ERTMS Solutions...) come together for the “QATS Railway User Group”, a discussion platform offering them the opportunity to share their experiences. Expandium also provides the Request Tracker, a web interface on which customers can ask questions and seek advice.