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Meet us at AfricaCom 2018!

Expandium will be attending and exhibiting at AfricaCom 2018, the 13-15 November 2018, in..

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Expandium alongside with Prow at GITEX 2018

Expandium will be at GITEX Technology Week 2018, the 14-18 October 2018 in Dubai UAE with its partner Prow.

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Meet Expandium at Innotrans 2018

Meet our team at the event the 18-21 September 2018 in Berlin...

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Mobile Network Operators


As soon as a mobile service is launched, operator’s obligation is to ensure that network offers the level of service expected by mobile subscribers. A current process starts with supervision team reporting problem identified through alarms or with subscriber complaining about recent bad experience of mobile services. Answer must be given fast in a context of stabilized Average Revenue per User (ARPU) demanding for efficient tools minimizing OPEX.

Technical teams must also encompass always larger technological scope from 2G to 4G, from radio interface to data user plane. This calls for an end-to-end solution providing various views in a same screen.

  • Monitor your quality of service in real time 24/7
  • Handle customers complaints efficiently
  • Immediately identify root causes of reported alarms or network dysfunction
  • Reduce customer turnover
  • Save time and reduce OPEX in troubleshooting

Inbound and outbound subscriber activity

Customer care activity often needs to be able to replay all transactions performed by a specific user. It is also useful to know what transaction context lead to a studied problem. Subscriber activity displays the list of all transactions, whatever the domain is, related to a selected IMSI or MSISDN.

Call trace and protocol decoding

For any transaction recorded, SecureQOS gives access to complete message flow in a graphical way displaying all useful information: main protocol information in tooltips, message time on a graphical time scale, used protocols using different colors, etc.

In a second step, it is then possible to extract corresponding raw binary traffic to small files in various formats that can be sent to experts for analysis. All messages related to selected transaction are displayed through all monitored interfaces.

Another mode allows extracting all traffic from every interface during a period of time. All recorded protocol messages can then be visualized in common message viewers from the market.


VoIP monitoring mainly deals with user plane measurements. SecureQOS for VoIP and VoLTE correlates RTP analysis with SIP signalling to provide the complete view of the service. When dealing with VoLTE, a new level of complexity is added due to the interaction with mobile networks mechanisms. SecureQOS also correlates LTE and IMS based interfaces, as seen in the figure.